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Work Your Green Merch Think Hemp?

images6GAJO22QIn these uncertain times, when retailers are not always sure what the latest trend or fad is for consumers to get excited about, one thing is certain; people need to eat and they love to snack. It may be time to consider adding some quick grab and go items to your store. There are plenty out there to choose from, and selling snacks is a great way to add some additional revenue to your store on a daily basis. Whether customers are out shopping for gifts or apparel, they buy snacks. If they don’t buy snacks from you they will buy them from someone else.

Your shopping complex might already have a grocery, convenience store or snack shop nearby. However, consumers prefer a one stop shop. Now take this one step further and offer snacks that aren’t run of the mill, like novelty and healthy snacks made with hemp. Not only will you increase your market share, you won’t have competition, but you may find clients come back to your store because of these treats and end up buying more products. That is good marketing.

eco-friendly-sign-1280x1024-smallIf your store is already eco conscious and tapping into the “greening” of the next generation of consumers, and current shoppers are buying healthier products, then you should already have some healthier “hemp foods” in the mix. The rest of the world is already growing this fiber, seed and oil crop and making healthier clothing, cosmetics, pet supplies and yes… foods. Snack bars, pretzels, mustards, Baklava, breads, milk and ice cream are a few of the food products being produced by large and small facilities in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

From mom and pop store owners to multi store owners, many buyers understand the benefits of hemp textiles for being natural, long lasting and profitable, but hemp foods are still relatively new. After battling successfully against the DEA for four years, hemp foods are 100 percent legal and no, there will not be any effects from THC. The seeds are a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids, which is needed for optimum health. The seeds can be consumed whole, lightly roasted or de-hulled, sprinkled on soups, salads or in recipes. The profit margins are greater and the novelty is still high, so jump on the bandwagon and bring in those new sales.

S629-Support-Hemp-For-A-Green-Planet-Bumper-Sticker-DecalThis is a great way to show your ‘green side’ without having to give anything up and make your store standout with its individual style of eco friendly and health conscious snacks. Increase your sales and traffic just by adding some of the hottest new snacks on the market.

This is a great way to make the world a better place and provide incentives for politicians to let our farmers grow this wonderful fiber seed and oil crop. Prices should be more competitive once we can grow more locally. Buying and selling hemp foods is another way to support the reintroduction of a crop that in 1938 Popular Mechanics referred as the, “New Billion Dollar Crop.” We encourage you to increase your bottom line in a socially conscious, clean, green and eco way. _ Eric Wilder

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Written by: Eric Wilder
Eco 1 Network
Contributing Writer: Shawn Patrick House

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