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Why Eat Hemp For Weight, Health & Detox…Spotted Celebrities Reviews!

Why Eat Hemp?

Dr Oz, one of the most recognized health specialists in the Media space: “I must say, I love hemp seeds. I love them for breakfast. They do Hemp Milk now; it’s a great source for a lot of nutrients. You haven’t tasted it before usually and it’s very exciting. It wakes the palate up. It’s a much better boost then the sugar from the granola bars.”

Jillian Michaels, a well known celebrity trainer and health guru discusses her desires of hemp at Expo West 2011: “I really want to see hemp protein making it out more to the masses and becoming more accessible.  I think it’s a very healthy form of protein, especially for vegans and vegetarians with no side effects.  A lot of lactose intolerant people can’t do whey. I think hemp protein in the future is going to make a big splash. Right now my focuses are on hemp and coconut

BODY WEIGHT REGULATION, DETOXIFICATION “Hemp oil is a great detoxifier and it is not unusual for people who are overweight to lose many pounds during their treatment. It’s almost as if the oil knows what you should weigh. In my own case, the oil took about 30 pounds off of me, but I have seen people lose much more weight. When you are taking hemp oil it is not like being on a diet; you can eat as much as you want to. The oil seems to curb an overweight person’s appetite and I know of no better or safer way to lose weight. In many cases the oil can stimulate the appetite of a person who needs to gain weight. It’s just as I said, the oil wants to bring your body back to a healthy weight. Do you mean it seriously that it can take off excess weight without exercise? Hemp oil can take weight off without exercise and I am living proof. If I take my shirt off I look like someone who has worked out a great deal. When I was younger I did a lot of swimming, now since losing the weight you can see all of my stomach muscles again. I don’t even have love handles, just a band of muscle on each side and I don’t do any exercises.” Rick Simpson

“I also recommend Hemp… Actually I think Hemp is superior to flax, given its chemical composition. If you have a chance to try Hemp Oil, a forgotten newly discovered food, I think you will see why I am enthusiastic.” Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.

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