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Tis the Season Spare Us Another Crash Diet Hemp’s GLA for Fat Loss

oil-pullingTis the season for the red party dress… but not a lotta room in this dress, uggggggggg! Quick 3 weeks remaining guzzle up! That’s rigth! Eat Fat To Lose Fat! The Holy Grail For Body Transformation! Say whaat??

Fatburning! Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of hemp’s essential fatty acid profile has gained popularity to be one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods.

When you are taking hemp oil it is not like being on a diet; you can eat as much as you want to. The oil seems to curb an overweight person’s appetite and I know of no better or safer way to lose weight. In many cases the oil can stimulate the appetite of a person who needs to gain weight. It’s just as I said, the oil wants to bring your body back to a healthy weight. _ unknown fat loser

 Do you mean it seriously that hemp oil can take off excess weight without exercise?

“Hemp oil can take weight off without exercise and I am living proof. If I take my shirt off I look like someone who has worked out a great deal. When I was younger I did a lot of swimming, now since losing the weight you can see all of my stomach muscles again. I don’t even have love handles, just a band of muscle on each side and I don’t do any exercises.” Rick Simpson

 Here is why Hemp Oil helps in fat loss: 

Many studies show how the Omega-6 fats Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) & Linolenic acid (LA) help you burn fat! Have you heard of hemp oil? 

arrowRightSmallFACT: Research has found that a deficiency in the Omega-6 essential fatty acid, Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), can actually inhibit healthy weight loss and weight control. In fact, recent studies suggest that obesity is linked with low levels of GLA.

GLA assists in weight loss by significantly increasing metabolism and encouraging stored fat to effectively be used for energy. GLA activates brown adipose tissue (BAT), which is an active tissue that burns calories for heat.  When BAT is actively functioning, it acts as a powerful mechanism for weight loss and weight control.  Studies report that BAT is less active in people who are overweight.

Female can not wearing her jeans anymoreIn addition, GLA also activates the metabolic process through its role in providing the nutrients necessary to control the sodium potassium pump in each cell of the body. The sodium potassium pump is essential for cellular homeostasis, and when it’s functioning properly, it can use up to 20-50% of daily caloric energy. Thus, if the pump is not working effectively, the body will store this unused energy as fat.

As important as GLA is for an effective weight management, the challenge is that it only occurs in a very small number of foods in nature. As its name implies, it’s an essential fatty acid, meaning that it must be obtained from the diet. We recommend Hempseed Oil  as the best source of GLA due to it’s easy to assimilate and naturally balanced profile of essential fatty acids.

People lost between 9-to-11 pounds in 6 weeks while taking GLA

GLA prevents weight gain in people who’ve lost weight plus GLA is also an appetite suppressant since it raises the levels of serotonin (and serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel full and eat less)

 Alright then… how much is enough to knock off this belly fat? 

Studies show by taking up to 1 TBSP at least 3 times daily will support fat burning, weight management, reduce sugar & carb cravings and detoxify the fat cell to assist in faster fat loss.

So go ahead guzzle up just enough to get into the gorgeous holiday dress!



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