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Hempseed Oil with Beet Pulp Healed & Reduced Recover Time on Horses Leg Wound

Meet our darling Espie she arrived April 2, 2016. 
Epsie is a 6 year old thoroughbred quarter horse cross, with no training.
She had wound on her leg that was cut through tendon sheath. 
Before: her leg wound, she is very underweight, and a sensitive 
nose sun burn.


Now, Typically they use furacin - antibiotic.
Cold hose it daily and wrap it. Not this girl!
We holistically applied the following during this regime; 
She was fed 6 oz of hemp oil every day with beet pulp and mineral 
with extra hay cubes as well as great quality hay.
She has gained almost 200 lbs in a time span of 7 weeks. 
AF_4_LTR_JUGShe is very sensitive to sun and had sun burn on her nose topically daily.

( We love that we could use the hemp seed oil in many diverse Hemp oil is applied ways for hear healing) 
After: Look at her nose here, she is so much better...
She looks amazing! Gained weight steady and healthy. 
And she's going home June 1 2016. The results speak for themselves!


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