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Hemp Seeds Being Used For Flavour & Texture Enhancer With Chefs and Brewers!

Check this out, we spotted Hemp!  CNBC’s Jane Wells and Tom Rotunno explain how hemp is now gaining popularity with chefs and brewers. It’s the latest edition of Chew and Brew.

The popularity is climbing high, no pun there, but the diversity of the hemp seed is endless with recipes, chefs and brewers these days. The nutty flavour and chewy texture offers a huge variety of recipe infused hemp; not only is a flavour thing but hemp seed offers a huge health benefit to traditional meals, and the nouveau menus. Some chefs even comment on their switch to hemp hearts over the Pine Nut because of the high cost of pine nuts and not giving up a nut-like flavour.

The Hemp Out Agency spotted even more folks enjoying the popularity of hemp infused recipes with dinner parties at the hemp heaven…

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