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Hemp Out Product Review Avellana Handcrafted Vegan Hemp and Hazelnut Cheese

Hemp Out Agency hempspotted product review. We are so pleased to have the opportunity in supporting these ladies; owners & artisans at Avellana Creamery in the Pacific Northwest where they use an age old traditional cheese making method, but not with dairy. Avellana cheeses are all vegan, and gluten free its base started with Oregan-grown organic hazelnuts, and just recently they have been creating their latest artisan creation with Canadian hempnut. We were blessed with a lovely parcel of their handcraften hemp & hazelnut cheeses, the flavours are brilliant with impeccable tastes; Italian Herb, Berbere African Spice, Curry, Smoked Paprika, Pesto, and Current.

avellanacreamery_currantFirstly, we love love love their packaging! Very Artisan, with use of natural kraft paper packaging, and a delightful applied artwork representing the Avellana Creamery, certainly gives this vegan cheese a selection of luxurious and the name brings it an age-old tradition of gift offering for your next special occasion, corporate gifts, and gourmet confectionery retail outlets.

  ” We love the high quality, distinctive plant based cheese in these packages, made by hand and using traditional methods but follow today’s conscious consumer.  We are certainly  seeing artisanal vegan approaches grow out of a tradition of premium and prior to that, gourmet. We see a strong growing opportunity for Avellana Creamery’s near future.” _ Teri Wallace

Okay, now the cheese! Wow, creamy soft cheese with a richness that melts in your mouth, with a really pleasant tangy taste with subtle yet very satisfying flavours. Our favorite with high fives at the office, is the Current;  its use of tangy and sweet with just a hint of culture with use of apple cider vinegar, which makes this cheese a wonderful fermented cultured cheese. Great for the gut with no upset tummy or bloating that one might get from a dairy or soy base cheese.

Hey! Key mention we were made aware is their production at the Avellana Creamery for producing these cheese is not done but most other vegan cheese processing methods. Most vegan cheeses are grinding nuts into a paste then adding flavours, spices etc. Avellana make all their cheeses using the same ancient traditions since old century, not from the paste of the nut but from the fresh milk that is produced once removing the fiber and left is a smooth rich cream. Avellana prides themselves with this method setting them uniquely apart from the others, focused on fair trade, local, cultivated with no chemicals, no nasty thickeners, or artificial flavourings. In fact this cheese naturally cultivates with use of apple cider vinegar, this culture helps keep any bacteria controlled, offering this cheese a longer shelf life than most vegan cheeses on the market.

Avellana Creamery is a company founded on preserving the health of our planet and the health of those who live here. Our goal is to make delectable vegan cheese products to show consumers that there is a whole world of culinary possibility outside the realm of dairy, to show the world that we can have it all, compassion, health, and delicious artisanal food. Our hope is that the product itself will begin the process of raising questions in the minds of consumers, leading to an examination of whether our habits match up with our beliefs where food is concerned. _ Avellana Creamery founders

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