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Hemp Out Kid & Child Activist Daniel Bissonnette Is Raising Awareness With Monumental Speech At March Against Monsanto


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Hemp Out Shout Out to our Hemp Out gal Ilana Bissonnette raising this young boy Daniel Bissonnette who just delivered an awe stopping speech to raise awareness on non-GMO issues. The Hemp Out Agency recognized the inspiration to connect with all ages on the issues of Monsanto, we are in full support as we protect our precious planet and foods it provides. Currently, hemp foods are not classified as a GMO food, we are in full force for it never to get to this point. When we met Ilana we knew there was something very special about her & core values of raising her children as Vegan, Raw Food NO-GMO, and no junkwhatsover. Ilana Bissonnette is a speaker, author, program developer and the founder of  For more than a decade ago, Ilana adapted a raw plant based lifestyle to deal with ongoing health challenges. After seeing the transformation in her own health she was determined to raise her children Daniel & Adam on a plant based diet.

header-snap1Little did she know about the challenges awaiting her. At the time, raising babies on a raw vegan diet was viewed as a radical, irresponsible and even negligent parenting. Physician’s family members or friends surrounding her continuously expressed their concerns and on many occasions attempted to influence her to conform to conventional practices. When Daniel was six months old Ilana had the vision of establishing a world recognized Vegan Live Food Parenting approach that is recognized by physicians across nations and sets a new standard for raising healthy children. She created the Raising Raw Babies program to serve as a foundation for the new parenting approach.


“She believed health was a birthright and was unwilling to accept anything less than perfect health.”

Well, today this journey although a long road has touched millions of people, as they march against Monsanto calling out for Boycott of GMOs. Ilana’s son is following in her footsteps and delivers a powerful message to all people. Daniel at the age of 9 being raised on raw food vegan lifestyle, learns from his mentor; Mother Ilana Bissonnette Found of Raising Raw Babies with some very strong messages at the 2014 March Against Monsanto Vancouver:

“I am for nutrition education at school! “

“I’m for sustainable agriculture, growing vegetables at school gardens, and at home!”

“Why is it that farmers who use GMO seeds and spray lots of chemicals don’t have to tell you anything, but a farmer who cares for the soil and grows nutritious, healthy crops has to spend lots of time and money to come up with a label to tell you his food is organic?”


SOCIAL MEDIA 2 SMALLFor more information on reaching Ilana & Daniel for events please contact her from the contact page or her bio website page. Or


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  1. Cheryl Reply

    Bless mothers and children! Passing information from person to person and generation to generation, there is hope for our home planet and its inhabitants. Thank you, Ilana Bissonnette and Daniel!

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