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Get Your Hemp Glow On!

sunGet Your Hemp Glow On!
Skin is one of the first impressions people get from you, it says a lot about your lifestyle and eating habits. Time to put those brownies back on the shelf, unless of course they are homemade hemp ones! Hemp has all the EFAs you need to achieve a flawless, glowing complexion and put your beauty woes to rest. For far too long now we have grown up with this notion that oils are bad for us whether we eat them or slather them on our skin. This bad connotation with them has led many to believe that they cause acne, weight gain and other less than gorgeous side effects. While this is certainly true with commercially produced, GMO laden oils it does not apply to other high quality oils such as Organic Cold Pressed Hemp, Coconut and Olive oil.

These are the healthy fats that we need in our diet (and our skin care regime), they promote elasticity, collagen production and a whole host of other great benefits including reducing sun sensitivity, reducing large pores and diminishing inflammation/irritation which is a primary cause of acne and various skin problems.
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