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Eco Tip: Hemp For Renewable Stationary

hemppaperOkay, so how white is your paper? There are many types of natural, earth friendly stationery: recycled wrapping paper, plantable seed papers, hemp and other renewable products. While these recycled and green grow products are more expensive, they bring higher revenues and less competition to your business. Green stationery enables the store owner to offer a new line of greeting cards and notes that appeal to the environment-conscious customer, by representing your store as a company that cares about the environment. Buyers will pay attention and reward you with more sales.

According to the Greeting Card Association, 90 percent of all U.S. households buy greeting cards, with American consumers buying and sending approximately 7 billion greeting cards every year. Greeting cards and notes bring many people joy, lifting spirits by wishing someone well, showing affection or acknowledging events. Beyond the high price we pay when purchasing paper greeting cards, there is another cost we don’t see. There is the environmental cost of using energy and virgin trees to make the paper, that is more than likely manufactured in Asia, and the toxic inks to print on the paper. Then there is added waste in landfills, or additional energy used to recycle the cards.

That’s not to say all greeting cards and notes are bad and you should stop sending them; this is not the case. You will still have to send Mom, Aunt Martha and other important people in your life occasional reminders that you love them, or are thinking about them. There is an environmentally conscious way to do it. Are there greener ways to do the things we find useful or pleasurable? In the case of greeting cards and notes, the option is to buy cards that are manufactured in environmentally friendly ways, using 100 percent recycled paper, and printed using non toxic vegetable or soy based ink.

hemp-01 Take that one step further and buy environmentally friendly cards that can be planted and will grow flowers. Green Field Paper Company offers a line of greeting cards called Grow A Note(r). The cards are made from 100 percent post consumer recycled paper, handmade in San Diego, CA and printed with soy based inks. The energy used to manufacture the paper is offset by wind credits. The paper is embedded with wildflower seeds, and the cards can be planted and will biodegrade naturally in the soil and sprout wildflowers. The recipient not only receives a thoughtful card, but also a gift of a bouquet of flowers when they plant it in their garden.

These new types of cards, note papers and stationery will reduce your carbon footprint and the footprints of your buyers. If it is important to you as a business owner to stand out and carry unique products, going green is a great way to start. Products made from renewable sources will bring you green profits, and there are many different types of stationery and journals available. You are certain to find some that will meet your store type and style.dont-cut-the-trees

Going green at work is basically about being economical. Re-ducing consumption, re-using to avoid wastage, and re-cycling old into new. It doesn’t have to cost the earth… in fact greening your workplace could actually save you money, we specialize with our strategic partners in Hemp for stationary, wrapping paper and other uses for renewable hemp material. _ Teri Wallace CEO Hemp Out Agency

Paper manufacturers use chlorine to bleach paper bright white.The more chlorine our society uses, the more toxic substances such as dioxin there are in our water, air, soil, and in our bodies. When you buy chlorine-free writing and copier paper you’re telling paper manufacturers that you demand safer alternatives. So, choose recycled paper with a high percentage of ‘post consumer’ waste, and look for the ECF ( Elemental Chlorine Free) or TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) symbols to ensure that environmental harm is minimised.

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Reference: Written by Eric Wilder

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